quiero comentar algo no me conecto mucho por motivos de trabajo y estudios ect.
I love music, gothic, metal, etc
  • onewhohasseentheeye:

    Those Elves the Calaquendi call the Úmanyar, since they came never to the land of Aman and the Blessed Realm; but the Úmanyar and the Avari alike they call the Moriquendi, Elves of the Darkness, for they never beheld the Light that was before the Sun and Moon.

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  • . . . Don't make me kill a person . . . [ Ken kaneki ]

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  • bewarethehorrorblog:

    A list of the most festive Halloween horror movies. (in no particular order)

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  • tinnuriel:

    Ready for battle?
    Ready to lose your ovaries?

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  • tesoro D: mi tesorooooo preciosoo xD

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  • The Hobbit Trilogy Official Posters Collection (x)

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